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Lease Specials

Interested in getting the best Lease Specials in Philadelphia?


The original car leasing service in Philadelphia.

Leasing a Car

Leasing enables consumers to trade up for a new car almost as often as they buy a new cell phone. That means they can get the latest in advanced safety and technology features for their vehicles.

Lease Return

You’re coming to the end of your car lease and questions start to arise. Where do I return the car? Will I be charged for wear and tear? What can I do to ensure a smooth return?

Buying a Car

No Monthly Payments After Loan: When you pay off the car, you won’t have any more monthly car payments. You’ll just be paying for fuel, maintenance costs, and insurance. If you are the type of car buyer who wants to drive the vehicle until the wheels fall off, leasing is not for you.

Sell / Trade In

If you currently own your car and would like to sell it or trade it in, we can help you every step of the way. We have working relationships with all of our dealers as well as used car dealers. That being said, we will get you the best price for your car whether it will be a trade-in or if we sell your car to a used car dealer.

About Us

Auto leasing and purchasing as well as trade-ins and purchasing your trades. Finding the best auto deals since 2005!

At Infinite Auto Leasing we deal with only NEW Makes and Models, any vehicle you desire we will be able to fulfill your order. Avoid the hassle of visiting one dealer after another. At Infinite Auto Leasing we do all the leg work for you.

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